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awks* Aid, support, assistance, help.
jos* Support.
steb* Physical support.
stebaq* Instrument of physical support.
þron* Seat.
See Aid, Assist.

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Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:awks|awks*]]]** Aid, support, assistance, help.
**[[[base:awxid|awksod*]]]** To aid, support, assist.
**[[[base:awksod|awksod*]]]** To aid, help, assist, support, minister to.
**[[[base:awksor|awksor*]]]** To aid, help, assist, support, minister.
**[[[base:jos|jos*]]]** Support.
**[[[base:steb|steb*]]]** Physical support. Terra firma [L.], bearing, fulcrum, bait [U. S.], caudex, crib; purchase, footing, hold, locus-standi [L.]; landing, - stage, - place; stage, platform; block; rest, resting place; groundwork, substratum, riprap, sustentation [now rare], sustention [rare], subvention; floor (basement) [See Base].
board, ledge, shelf, hob, bracket, trivet, arbor, rack; mantel, mantelpiece, mantelshelf; slab, console; counter, dresser; flange, corbel; table, trestle; shoulder; perch; horse; easel, desk; clotheshorse, hatrack; retable, predella, teapoy.
trunnion, pivot, rowlock; peg (pendency) [See Pendency]; tiebeam (fastening) [See Vinculum]; thole pin.
**[[[base:stebaq|stebaq*]]]** Instrument of physical support. 1. Support column or structure, staff.
2. Corset.
**[[[base:thron|þron*]]]** Seat. Throne, dais; divan, musnud or masnad [Ar.], guddee or gaddi [Hind.]; chair, bench, form, sofa, davenport, couch, day-bed, settee, stall; wingchair, armchair, easychair, elbow-chair, rocking-chair; fauteuil [F.], woolsack, ottoman, settle, squab, bench; long chair, long-sleeve chair [Anglo-Ind.], chaise longue [F.], morris chair; lamba chauki or lamba kursi [Hind.]; saddle, aparejo, panel or pannel, pillion; sidesaddle, packsaddle; pommel, horn.

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