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bert* Bright, shining; light-colored.
blond* Blond, shiny.
fædr* "Bright, shining," Phaedra.
luc* Shine, reflection of light.

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:bert|bert*]]]** Bright, shining; light-colored.
**[[[base:blond|blond*]]]** Blond, shiny. Does not imply any color.
**[[[base:faedr|fædr*]]]** "Bright, shining," Phaedra.
**[[[base:luc|luc*]]]** Shine, reflection of light.
**[[[base:luzid|lucod*]]]** To shine.
**[[[base:luzib|lucos*]]]** Shiny.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
bert* fig rel ess sta Bright, shining; light-colored. Specific Light
blond* abs ess sta Blond, shiny. Specific Light Does not imply any color.
fædr* fig ess sta "Bright, shining," Phaedra.
luc* rel act m itg Shine, reflection of light. Light
lucod* rel dat tr To shine. Light
lucos* rel ess Shiny.