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lir* Track, furrow, trail, footprint, course.
notm* Mark.

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Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:lir|lir*]]]** Track, furrow, trail, footprint, course.
**[[[base:notm|notm*]]]** Mark. Line, stroke, score, stripe, streak, scratch, tick, dot, point, notch, nick, blaze; red letter, sublineation, underlining, jotting; print; imprint, impress, impression; note, annotation.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
lir* dis tg Track, furrow, trail, footprint, course. Habit
notm* res tg Mark. Mark



Printing; block printing, type printing; plate printing [engraving] [more]; the press (publication) [more]; composition.
Print (patient), letterpress, text; context, note, page, column.
Typography; stereotype, electrotype, aprotype; type, black letter, font, fount; pi, pie; capitals (letters) [more]; brevier, bourgeois, pica
Boldface, capitals, caps., catchword; composing frame, composing room, composing rule, composing stand, composing stick; italics, justification, linotype, live matter, logotype; lower case, upper case; make-up, matrix, matter, monotype, point system: 41/2, 5, 5/2, 6, 7, 8 point, etc.; press room, press work; reglet, roman; running head, running title; scale, serif, shank, sheet work, shoulder, signature, slug, underlay.
Folio (book) [more]; copy, impression, pull, proof, revise; author's proof, galley proof, press proof; press revise.
Printer (agent), compositor.