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kaput* Leader, chief, captain.
kefal* Zoological anatomical object.
korw* Uppermost part, uppermost segment.
korymb* Botanical anatomical object.
See Chief, Master, Summit.

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Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:aekm|ækm*]]]** The head of a spear.
**[[[base:kaput|kaput*]]]** Chief. 1. Leader, captain, chief, head, presiding officer or executive, president, speaker; chair, chairman; captain (master) [See Master]; superior; mayor (civil authority) [See Master]; vice-president, prime minister, premier, vizier or vizir, grand vizier, eparch.
2. Capital of a country, state or jurisdiction.
3. Major heading or title; chapter heading.

Head (beginning), heading; title-page; van (front) [See Front]; caption, fatihah [Ar.].
**[[[base:kefal|kefal*]]]** Head. Zoological anatomical object.
**[[[base:korw|korw*]]]** Uppermost part, uppermost segment, head.
**[[[base:korymb|korymb*]]]** Corymb. Botanical anatomical object.
**[[[base:poemnar|pœmnar*]]]** Foam. Aggregate of bubbles. Froth, head, spume, scum, fume, lather, suds, spray, surf.
**[[[base:ras|ras*]]]** "Head, chief." Ras.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
ækm* abs dis tg The head of a spear. Sharpness
kaput* dis tg ess sta Chief. Chief
kefal* dis tg Head. Summit Zoological anatomical object.
korw* pos sup dis tg Uppermost part, uppermost segment, head. Summit
korymb* dis tg Corymb. Botanical Organization Botanical anatomical object.
pœmnar* agg tg Foam. Bubble Aggregate of bubbles.
ras* ess sta "Head, chief." Ras. Names, Titles and Greetings