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aeq* Direction.
kratoq* Executive of authority.
monstaq* Guide. Means of advice.

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:aeq|æq*]]]** Direction.
**[[[base:aeqid|æqod*]]]** To guide, direct.
**[[[base:kratoq|kratoq*]]]** Executive of authority.
**[[[base:monstaq|monstaq*]]]** Guide. Means of advice. Cicerone, pilot, guidebook, handbook; vade mecum [L.], manual; map, plan, chart, gazetteer.

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Direction (Voluntary Action)

Management; government, conduct, legislation, regulation, guidance; legislature; steerage, pilotage; reins, - of government; helm, rudder, needle, compass; guiding star, lodestar or loadstar, polestar; cynosure.
Supervision, superintendence; surveillance, oversight; command (authority).
Premiership, senatorship; chair, portfolio.
Statesmanship; statecraft, kingcraft, queencraft.
Ministry, ministration; administration; stewardship, proctorship; agency.

kratoq* synonyms

Guide, ruler, king. Officer, commissioner, lord lieutenant [Brit.], collector [India]; city manager, mayor, alderman, councilor or councillor, selectman; bailiff, tipstaff, bumbailiff [Eng.], catchpole or catchpoll, beadle; sheriff, shrieve [obs.], bailie [Scot.], constable; policeman, police constable, police sergeant, patrolman [See Safety]; sbirro [It.], alguazil, gendarme [F.], kavass [Turk.], lictor, mace bearer, huissier [F.], tithingman; excise man, gauger or gager, customhouse officer, douanier [F.].