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vir* Cardinal base.
See Green in Color Taxonomy to explore specific shades.

Greens (vegetables).

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:bluedivirud|bluosivir*]]]** Bluish-green.
**[[[base:herbud|herbid*]]]** Grass-green.
**[[[base:iljentid|iljumid*]]]** Jade.
**[[[base:salamud|islamid*]]]** Islamic green.
**[[[base:klo|klo*]]]** "Green shoot," Chloe.
**[[[base:klorud|klorid*]]]** Green-yellow.
**[[[base:smeraldid|smeraldid*]]]** Emerald green.
**[[[base:veq|veq*]]]** Meadow. Field, mead, green, common, maidan [India], haugh, pasture, lea, ley or lay [dial.], pasturage.
**[[[base:virudib|viros*]]]** (Having/containing) green. Greenish.
**[[[base:virudediblu|virosiblu*]]]** Greenish-blue.

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