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celeros* Having velocity.
fiqod* To fasten, fix.
firm* Firm, steadfast.
hek* "Holding fast," Hector.
nod* Fastening.

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:celerob|celeros*]]]** Having velocity; speedy, fast.
**[[[base:fiqod|fiqod*]]]** To fasten, fix.
**[[[base:fiqob|fiqos*]]]** Fastened, fixed.
**[[[base:firm|firm*]]]** Firm, steadfast.
**[[[base:hek|hek*]]]** "Holding fast," Hector.
**[[[base:nod|nod*]]]** Fastening. Knot, node, point of connection.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
celeros* rel ess sta Having velocity; speedy, fast. Velocity
fiqod* abs dat tr To fasten, fix. Fastening
fiqos* abs ess sta Fastened, fixed. Fastening
firm* pos rel sta Firm, steadfast.
hek* ess "Holding fast," Hector.
nod* pa dis tg Fastening. Fastening



Tie; ligament, ligature; strap; tackle, rigging; standing rigging; running rigging; traces, harness; yoke; band, bandage; brace, roller, fillet; inkle; with, withe, withy; thong, braid; girder, tiebeam; girth, girdle, cestus, garter, halter, noose, lasso, surcingle, knot, running knot; cabestro [Sp. Amer.], cinch [U.S.], lariat, legadero [Sp. Amer.], oxreim [S. Africa]; suspenders.