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ed* To consume, eat, drink.
vesk* To feast.

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**[[[base:ed|ed*]]]** To consume, eat, drink.
**[[[base:edand|edapt*]]]** Suitability for being eaten, edibility.
**[[[base:edivj|edivj*]]]** Way of eating, diet.
**[[[base:edorj|edœk*]]]** Restaurant. Facility for eating.
**[[[base:edus|edt*]]]** Eaten.
**[[[base:edtab|edtab*]]]** Edibility.
**[[[base:fyivor|fyovor*]]]** Someone who eats (only or primarily) plants; vegetarian.
**[[[base:herbivor|herbovor*]]]** Grass-eater, herbivore. Does not mean "vegetarian."
**[[[base:vesk|vesk*]]]** To feast. Hitt. weši, Lat. vēscor, Av. vastra, Skr. अनुवावसे (anuvāvase), Welsh gwest, Gm. wist/, MIr. feis; dofeotar, Goth. wists, ON vist, Eng. wist/, Lith. švest, OCS veselŭ, Pol. wesele

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
ed* ag To consume, eat, drink. Insertion
edapt* ger rel ess sta m itg Suitability for being eaten, edibility.
edivj* act dis itg Way of eating, diet. Diet
edœk* fac dis tg Restaurant. Restaurant Facility for eating.
edt* abs pa Eaten.
edtab* abs ess sta itg Edibility. Edibility
fyovor* dis tg Someone who eats (only or primarily) plants; vegetarian. Animal
herbovor* act dis tg Grass-eater, herbivore. Animal Does not mean "vegetarian."
vesk* To feast.



ed* To eat.
fag* To digest (after eating).

Eating Deglutition, gulp, epulation [rare], mastication, manducation [rare], rumination; gastronomy, gastrology, pantophagy, hippophagy, carnivorism, carnivorousness, herbivority [rare], vegetarianism, ichthyophagy.
(Essives) carnivore; herbivore, vegetarian.