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filj* Direct descendant, child, offspring.
sun* Son (male descendant).
duqatr* Daughter (female descendant).

See Descendant, Youth/young.

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:bamb|bamb*]]]** Simple, childlike, childish. Could have pejorative connotations.
**[[[base:duqatr|duqatr*]]]** Daughter.
**[[[base:filjew|filjew*]]]** Lack of offspring, childlessness.
**[[[base:homet|homet*]]]** Baby or young human.
**[[[base:kenth|kenþ*]]]** "Child," childlike.
**[[[base:pu|pu*]]]** Child.
**[[[base:puev|puæt*]]]** Childhood.
**[[[base:puew|puew*]]]** Without children, children prohibited. Does not mean "without offspring or descendants."
**[[[base:pul|pul*]]]** Young of an animal. -et*
**[[[base:stultos|stultos*]]]** Fool. Essive of imbecility. Idiot, tomfool, wiseacre, simpleton, Simple Simon, moron, gaby [colloq.], witling, dizzard [obs.], donkey, ass; ninny, ninny hammer, chowderhead [dial.], jolterhead or jolthead, mutt [slang], chucklehead [colloq.], dolt, booby, tomnoddy, loony or luny [slang], looby, hoddy-doddy [obs.], noddy, nonny [dial.], noodle, nizy [obs.], owl, goose, imbecile; radoteur [F.], nincompoop [colloq.], badaud [F.], zany [Eng.]; trifler, babbler; pretty fellow; natural, niais [F.].
child, baby, infant, innocent, milksop, sop.
oaf, lout, loon or lown [dial.]; bull-head, blunderhead, addle-pate, addle-brain, addlehead [all colloq.]; blockhead, dullhead, bonehead [slang], rattlepate, dullard, doodle [obs.], calf [colloq.], colt, buzzard [obs.], block, put, stick [colloq.], stock, numps [obs.], tony [obs.]; loggerhead, beetlehead, grosshead [obs.], muttonhead [colloq.], noodlehead, giddyhead [colloq.], numskull [colloq.], thickhead [colloq.], thick skull; lackbrain, shallow-brain; halfwit, lackwit; dunderpate; lunkhead [U. S.].
sawney [dial. Eng.], clod, clodhopper; clodpoll, clodpate, clotpole or clotpoll [obs.], clotpate [obs.], soft or softy [colloq. or slang], saphead [slang], bull calf [colloq.], spoony or spooney [slang], gawk, gawky, gowk, Gothamite, lummox [dial.], rube [U. S.]; men of Bœotia, wise men of Gotham.
un sot à triple étage [F.], sot [Scot.], jobbernowl [colloq., Eng.], changeling [archaic], mooncalf, gobemouche [F.].
greenhorn (dupe) [See Dupe]; dunce (ignoramus) [See Ignoramus]; lubber (bungler) [See Bungler]; madman [See Madman]; solid ivory.
one who -will not set the Thames on fire, - did not invent gunpowder, - does not exactly scintillate; qui n’a pas inventé la poudre [F.]; no conjuror; no Solomon.
DOTARD, driveler; old fogy or fogey [colloq.], old woman; crone, grandmother; cotquean [archaic], henhussy, betty [contempt].
**[[[base:sun|sun*]]]** Son. Male offspring.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
bamb* rel ess sta Simple, childlike, childish. Simplicity Could have pejorative connotations.
duqatr* fem fam ess sta dis tg Daughter. Daughter
filjew* abe sta itg Lack of offspring, childlessness.
homet* dim bio dis tg Baby or young human. Homo
kenþ* fig sta "Child," childlike.
pu* ind ess dis tg Child. Childhood
puæt* abs ess sta dis itg Childhood. Childhood
puew* abs abe sta m itg Without children, children prohibited. Does not mean "without offspring or descendants."
pul* abs ess sta dis tg Young of an animal. Childhood
stultos* neg ess Fool. Fool Essive of imbecility.
sun* masc fam Son. Son Male offspring.