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revok* (n) Revocation, call back, recall.
ulul* (n) Ululation. Animal sound.
vok* (n) Call, summons, invocation.

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:revok|revok*]]]** Revocation, call back, recall.
**[[[base:ulul|ulul*]]]** Ululation. Animal sound. Howling, mugiency, reboation; cry; call, note, howl, bark, yelp, bowwow, latration, belling; woodnote; insect cry, twittering, fritiniancy, drone; cuckoo.
**[[[base:vok|vok*]]]** Call, summons, invocation.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
revok* act dis itg Revocation, call back, recall.
ulul* act m itg Ululation. Specific Sounds Animal sound.
vok* act dis itg Call, summons, invocation. Call


Specific Sounds

klik* Click.
pipj* Chirp, tweet, pipe.
krep* Creak, groan, discordant sound.
kok* Rooster cackle.
sibil* Sibilation, hiss, wheeze.
plawd* Snap, clap, physical impact.
stert* Snort, snore.
strid* Stridor; harsh, grating sound.
swej* High Note, acute note; soprano, treble, tenor, alto, falsetto; voce di testa [It.], head voice, head tone; shriek, yell.

bo*, vag*, ulul* Ululation, howl, cry, bay, bellow, roar.

Roll (Repeated and protracted sound) drumming &c. v; quaver, clutter, brustle [dial.], charivari, racket; cuckoo; drum fire, barrage; whirr, rattle, drone; reverberation.

Detonator (Generator of sound), bomb, gun, rifle; torpedo, squib, cracker, firecracker, popgun, rattle.

Generator of High Note Penny trumpet, piccolo, fife, whistle; Panpipes, syrinx; pipes, bagpipes, doodlesack [Scot.].