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dam* (v) Tame, broken in, domesticated.
fat* (n) Fatigue.
fatar* (v) To break a fast.
kla* (n) Demolition.
rup* (n) Disjunction. Breach, rupture.
viol* (n) Violence.

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:dam|dam*]]]** Tame, broken in, domesticated.
**[[[base:fat|fat*]]]** Fatigue.
**[[[base:fatar|fatar*]]]** To break a fast.
**[[[base:kla|kla*]]]** Demolition. Demolishment [rare], overthrow, subversion, suppression; sacrifice; ravage, devastation, razzia; incendiarism.
**[[[base:klaz|klaz*]]]** To break, destroy. Generally in a violent manner.
**[[[base:rup|rup*]]]** Disjunction. Breach, rupture.
**[[[base:viol|viol*]]]** Violence. Harm, abuse, assault.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
dam* subj pos rel Tame, broken in, domesticated. Servant
fat* m itg Fatigue. Fatigue
fatar* act To break a fast. Eating
kla* act m itg Demolition. Demolition
klaz* ac To break, destroy. Obliteration Generally in a violent manner.
rup* gen act dis itg Disjunction. Breach, rupture. Disjunction (gen)
viol* neg rel act m itg Violence. Violence