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blu* Cardinal base.
See Blue in Color Taxonomy to explore specific shades.
Figurative: See Sad.

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:blu|blu*]]]** Blue.
**[[[base:bluedivirud|bluosivir*]]]** Bluish-green.
**[[[base:dolid|dolid*]]]** "Color of sadness," blue.
**[[[base:hakaptud|hakaptid*]]]** Egyptian blue.
**[[[base:koboldid|koboldid*]]]** Cobalt blue.
**[[[base:kyan|kyan*]]]** Cyan.
**[[[base:lazuw|lazuw*]]]** Sky-blue, azure, cerulean.
**[[[base:mariltud|maroltid*]]]** Ultramarine.
**[[[base:persid|persid*]]]** Persian blue: dark grayish blue or purple.
**[[[base:sapirid|sapirid*]]]** Sapphire blue.
**[[[base:swerq|swerq*]]]** Melancholy. Dismals, blue devils [colloq.], blues [colloq.], mopes, lachrymals or lacrimals, mumps, dumps [chiefly humorous] doldrums, vapors [archaic], megrims, spleen [obsoles.], horrors, hypochondriasis, hypochondria, hyps [colloq.], jawfall [rare], pessimism; la maladie sans maladie [F.], despondency, slough of Despond; disconsolateness &c. adj.; hope deferred, blank despondency; voiceless woe.
**[[[base:virudediblu|virosiblu*]]]** Greenish-blue.

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