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be* (n) Divine approbation.
beend*, barak* (n) Patient of divine approbation.
div* (v) Divinely inspired, talented.
wind* (v) Innocence.

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**[[[base:barak|barak*]]]** Patient of divine approbation.
**[[[base:be|be*]]]** Divine approbation.
**[[[base:div|div*]]]** (v) Blessed, divinely inspired, talented.
(n) Diva, virtuoso.
**[[[base:wind|wind*]]]** Innocence. ADJECTIVE: INNOCENT, not guilty; unguilty; guiltless, faultless, sinless, stainless, bloodless, spotless; clear, immaculate; rectus in curiĆ¢ [L.]; unspotted, unblemished, unerring; undefiled [See Probity]; unhardened, Saturnian; Arcadian (artless) [See Artlessness]; paradisaic or paradisaical, paradisiac or paradisiacal.
inculpable, unculpable [rare], unblamed, unblamable, blameless, unfallen, inerrable, above suspicion, irreproachable, irreprovable [rare], irreprehensible; unexceptionable, unobjectionable, unimpeachable; salvable; venial [See Vindication].
unreproved, unimpeached, unreproached.
HARMLESS, inoffensive, innoxious [obs.], innocuous; dovelike, lamblike.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
barak* pa Patient of divine approbation. Approbation
be* rel m itg Divine approbation. Approbation
div* rel ess sta (v) Blessed, divinely inspired, talented.
(n) Diva, virtuoso.
wind* ess sta m itg Innocence. Innocence