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neqr* (n) Blackness.
blak* (v) Burned, hence black. (See Burn.)
See Black in Color Taxonomy to explore specific shades.

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:askud|askid*]]]** Ash black or gray.
**[[[base:atrid|atrid*]]]** Charcoal black.
**[[[base:blak|blak*]]]** Burned, hence black.
**[[[base:kjar|kjar*]]]** Ciar, ChiarraĆ­, Kerry.
**[[[base:korvud|korvid*]]]** Raven black.
**[[[base:neqr|neqr*]]]** Blackness. Not chromatic. (Comparisons) Jet, ink, ebony, coal, tar, pitch, ash, soot, charcoal, sloe; smut, smutch, smudge, smirch; raven, crow.
(Pigments) Lamp black, ivory black, blue-black.
**[[[base:qaqat|qaqat*]]]** Jet black, glossy black.
**[[[base:sword|sword*]]]** "Black." Latin sordere, German schwarz.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
askid* ind chrom Ash black or gray. Gray
atrid* spec chrom Charcoal black. Charcoal
blak* ess sta Burned, hence black.
kjar* Ciar, ChiarraĆ­, Kerry.
korvid* chrom Raven black. Blackness
neqr* rel ess sta m itg Blackness. Blackness Not chromatic.
qaqat* chrom Jet black, glossy black. Black
sword* "Black."