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The insect:
memsopt* Order Hymenoptera.
bej* Taxon Anthophila.
meliss* Tribe Apini. Honey bee.
debor* Figurative (name).
See derivatives of -apj*.

Other uses:
melor* To produce honey.

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[suffix:apj|-apj*]]]** Constructor for types of bees.
**[[[base:bej|bej*]]]** Taxon Anthophila. Bee.
**[[[base:debor|debor*]]]** "Bee, honeybee." Deborah.
**[[[base:meliss|meliß*]]]** Tribe Apini. Honey bee.
**[[[base:melor|melor*]]]** To produce honey.
**[[[base:memsopt|memsopt*]]]** Order Hymenoptera. Sawfly, wasp, bee, ant.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
-apj* (bio) dis tg Constructor for types of bees. Anthophila
bej* bio dis tg Taxon Anthophila. Anthophila Bee.
debor* fig ess sta dis tg "Bee, honeybee." Deborah. Bee (fig.)
meliß* bio dis tg Tribe Apini. Apini Honey bee.
melor* gen act To produce honey.
memsopt* bio dis tg Order Hymenoptera. Hymenoptera Sawfly, wasp, bee, ant.