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ber* (v) To carry, bear, bring.
kanal* (v) Conduit. To carry or direct matter from one location to another.
karpent* (n) Two-wheeled carriage, cart, wheelbarrow.
veh* (n) Transference.
See Carry, Bring, and derivatives of -amos* and -eh*.

The animal:
ðirtk* Family Ursidae.
bern* Figurative.
See derivatives of rtk*.

Giving birth:
nask* (n) The act of giving birth to live young.
nat* (n) Born (to, in).

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:ber|ber*]]]** To carry, bear, bring.
**[[[base:bern|bern*]]]** "Bear."
**[[[base:dhirtk|ðirtk*]]]** Family Ursidae. Bear.
**[[[base:gest|gest*]]]** Gesture.
**[[[base:nask|nask*]]]** To give birth (to).
**[[[base:nat|nat*]]]** Born (to, in).
**[[[base:rtk|rtk*]]]** Bear. Constructor for zoological bases.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
ber* ag To carry, bear, bring. Carriage
bern* rel fig ess sta dis tg "Bear." Bear (fig.)
ðirtk* bio dis tg Family Ursidae. Ursidae Bear.
gest* act dis itg Gesture. Gesture
nask* abs ac To give birth (to).
nat* abs pa Born (to, in).
rtk* const dis tg Bear. Ursidae Constructor for zoological bases.