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bas* (n) Foundational or bottommost vertical extreme.
fund* (n) Foundation. Base support.
nearist* (v) Low-class, low-quality, cheap.

Thesaurus Entries

Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:bas|bas*]]]** Base.
**[[[base:fund|fund*]]]** Foundation. Ground, base, basis. Base support.
**[[[base:nearist|nearist*]]]** Low-class, low-quality, cheap, base.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
bas* sup abl loc Base. Base
fund* ess sta dis tg Foundation. Ground, base, basis. Foundation Base support.
nearist* neg rel ess sta Low-class, low-quality, cheap, base.


Inutility synonyms

Uselessness &c. adj.; inefficacy, futility; ineptitude, inaptitude.
Worthlessness Cheapness, baseness, vanity, inanity, nugacity; triviality.