"Able, ability","maq* (n), fakl* (n)), tekn* (skill, technology) (n).
-ab* (n) Ability to perform the action described by the source base.
See Power."
"Abort, abortion","del* (v).
fetemp*, fetolv* (v) To terminate a pregnancy.
See Cancel, End, Terminate."
"Absent, absence","linkw* (v) Absent, missing, departed, delinquent.
truqant* (v) Absent without permission, truant.

-ew* (n) Lack of, absence of.
sisk* (n) Absence of or decrease in flow due to a blockage.

Antonyms: see Present."
"Absolute","fra+ Complete(ly), total(ly), thorough(ly), absolute(ly)."
"Accomplish, accomplishment","op* (n) Opus."
"Accumulate, accumulation","kumul* (v) Piled up, accumulated.
maz* (n) Mass, pile (of material), accumulation."
"Ache","See Pain."
"Acquire, acquisition","-end* (v) To get, receive or acquire something (noun modified) from someone or something (direct object)."
"Act","q* (n) Agent. (v) To act, take action; to drive, pilot, use an instrument.
þesp* (v) To perform, act. (n) Thespian, actor, actress. See Perform."
"Action","qur* (n)."
"Active, activity","fr* (n) Heat, warmth, activity."
"Add","awk* Additional, supplemental.
josep* "To add, enlarge, increase." Joseph.
See Combine, Join."
"Addict, addiction","."
"Administer, administration","See Give and derivatives of d*."
"Admire","aq*. Admiration, awe. Astonishment, amazement, wonderment, bewilderment.
lawd* Praise or admiration for a person."
"Adolescent, adolescence","efeb* (n) Adolescence."
"Adult","al* (n) Adult.
alir*, xxx* Adult male.
aliß**, mulj* Adult female.
ali* Adulthood."
"Advise, advisor","Apply dative and generative modifications to bases for Advice or Help."
"Aerate","ærod* (v) To aerate."
"Affirm","melj* (n) Affirmation, edification."
"After","post* (v) Behind, in back of, after."
"Against","ep* (v) Near, at; on, touching, alongside.
kontr* (v) To oppose, counter, fight, battle.
nt* (v) Opposing, fighting."
"Age, aging","æt* (n) Age.
geront* (n) The actions and effects of aging."
"Ageism, ageist","."
"Agency","qur* (n) Taking action."
"Agent","q* (v) To act, take action; to drive, pilot, use an instrument."
"Agree","harm* (n) General relation. Abstract order.
pak* (n) Commitment, contract, compact."
"Aid","awks* (n).
See Assist, Help."
"Air","ær* (n) Gas, air."
"Ajar","See Open."
"All","tot* (v) Every member, every part, all content.
fra+ (mod col) A complete collection.
omn* (v) Covering everything.
pant* (v) Involving all of or the union of a specified group."
"Allow","lic* (n) Permission."
"Ally, alliance","fœd* (n) Association, particularly in antagonism.
win* (n) Concurrence."
"Almond","amyqdal* (n) The food.
amyqdalarb* (n) The tree.
amyqdalid* (n) The color."
"Alone","The base that means "alone, single, sole" is mon*. Another base, insl*, means "isolated." Use that base to mean "alone" only if one is alone because one is isolated."
"Alter","See Change."
"Amaze","aq*. Admiration, awe. Astonishment, amazement, wonderment, bewilderment."
"Amber","elektr* (n) The substance.
elektrid* (n) The color."
"Ambi-"," Ambivalent.
"Ambulate, ambulance","."
"America","hamorek* (v;eth) American.
unikomistaranj* (n) United States."
"Angel","angel* (n) Beneficent spirit.
kyrub* (n) Cherub, winged angel."
"Anger","fur* (n) Rage, fury.
ir* (n) Resentment."
"Angle","anql* (n) Germanic people who inhabited Jutland initially and England later.
qon* (n) Angle, corner.
samt* (n) Azimuth. Angle of horizontal deviation, measured clockwise, of a bearing from a standard direction."
"Anise","anis* The plant.
aniso* The seed.
anisoat* The seasoning."
"Annulus, annulet","Form: See Circle.
Function: *."
"Apart","de+ Away from, apart from."
"Ape"," (n) The animal. See Primates in the Biological Taxonomy.
(v) To ape."
"Apex","sum* (n) Top, summit, peak, apex, climax."
"Appeal","pulkr* (n) Physical or sexual appeal.
relit* (n) Appeal in a lawsuit."
"Appear","-ykw* Appearing to be or look like something, but not actually being it. (Does not mean "to resemble.")"
"Apple","abl* Fruit of genus Malus.
See Fruit."
"Approach","aderq*, prok*, vad* (pejorative)
(v) To go to, go towards, approach. Denotes motion or change of the agent with respect to a patient."
"Appropriate","just* (v) Just, fair, morally right, morally appropriate.
To appropriate: See Take."
"Approve, approval","lawd*, lic*. See Permit, License, Sanction."
"Approximate","prok* To approximate."
"Aquatic","akwarj* (v) Of or pertaining to water.
akwe* (v) Made of water. (n) Drop of water, body of water.
akwykw* (v) Appearing to be water."
"Arch","haps* (n) Arch, circle.
[[[base:ark*]] (v) Bent, curved, arched."
"Archway","jan* (v) Archway, doorway, gateway."
"Areola","See Circle."
"Arm, arms","

"Armlet","Form: See Circle.
Function: *."
"Arrange, arrangement","ord* (n) Order, arrangement.
ordod* (v) To arrange."
"Art","art* Art, skill, craft, talent."
"Artery","ært*, fleb* (n) Blood vessel, artery, vein.
See Conduit, Duct, Vein, Vessel."
"Article","Document: _
Of clothing: vest*. See Garment in the Thesaurus.
Sacred article: ___
Also see in the Thesaurus: Merchandise, Part."
"Ash","ask* Product of combustion.
askid* The color.
birk* Family Betulaceae. Birch, ash."
"Ask","roq*, æsk*."
"Ass","asin* Subgenus Asinus; donkey, burro.
afrekw* Equus africanus, African wild ass.
asinœd* (fig) Asinine, stupid, silly, obstinant.
See Buttock."
"Assent","rat* Assent. Judgment in the positive."
"Assist","awks* Aid, support, assistance, help.
dowl* Servant, assistant, employee.
See Aid, Help, Support."
"Astonish","aq*. Admiration, awe. Astonishment, amazement, wonderment, bewilderment."
"Atlas","atl* The mythical figure.
See Map."
"Atom","sk* Component. Section, segment, piece; smallest unit, smallest piece, atom, cell, component."
"Attack","flik* (n) Physical incident.
leps* (n) Visitation (disease).
mord* (v) To torment, bite."
"August","awqust* Eminence. High repute.
awqustir* The male name.
awqustembr* The month."
"Author","kreod* (v)."
"Authority","bin* (n) Sage. Essive of good judgment.
fatw* (n) Rule or order imposed by legal fiat.
krat* (n) Authority, rule, government.
kybern* (n) Governance. Rule by right of authority.
reg* (n) Ruler, king, monarch. Particularly one with inherited rule as opposed to elected rule or dictatorship.
See Govern, Rule, Standard, Straight and derivatives of -ark*."
"Aware","nor* Awareness of another person.
nosk* To be aware of someone or something."
"Away","-ap* Away from a noun.
de+ Away from, apart from.
devert* To turn away, divert, reject."
"Awkward","See Difficult."
-et* makes the young of animals (e.g. homet*)."
"Back","dors*, hint* (n) Dorsum, back, backside, rear.
kul* (n) Rump, backside, buttocks.
post* (v) Behind, in back of, after.
re+ Back, again. Can be used as a modifier to denote the repetition of an action or the return to an earlier state.
retern* (n) Rear, background.
terq* (v) Backward.
xir* (v) Late, behind, in back."
"Badger","myda* Genus Mydaus. Stink badger (actually a skunk)."
"Balance","ækw* (v) Equal, balanced.
ækwipend* (v) To weigh equally.
akiz* (v) To sit on a point."
barbew* (hairlessness) (see Hair).
nihirsut* (not covered with hair)."
"Ball","dansjæt* Dancing event.
orb* Sphere, orb, globe."
"Balloon","belq* (v) Expanded by internal processes or insertion.
pludekt* (n) "Thing that floats.""
"Ban","ban* (n) Prohibition. Denial of permission.
lawdew* (n) Lack of approbation.
xaram* (n) Religious or moral prohibition.
See Prohibit."
"Band","lor* (n) Strap, band.
tæn* (n) Ribbon. Surface having relatively great length versus breadth.
See Circle (form)."
"Bane","See Malefactor in the Thesaurus."
"Bank","monetard* (n;inst) Monetary instrument, instrument for storing money.
monetœk* (n;fac) Monetary facility.
rip* Shore. Coast, seacoast, strand, bank."
"Banner","band* Insignia."
"Banquet","cen* (n) Meal. Event of dining.
fest* (n) Event of amusement."
"Bare","nud* Void of usual coverings."
"Barf","See Vomit."
"Bark","kortek* (n) Peel.
ulul* (n) Animal sound."
"Barricade","for* Hindrance to a portal."
"Barrow","karpent* (n) Two-wheeled carriage, cart, wheelbarrow."
"Base","bas* (n) Foundational or bottommost vertical extreme.
fund* (n) Foundation. Base support.
nearist* (v) Low-class, low-quality, cheap."
"Bat","manipt* Order Chiroptera.

bast* (n) Rod used as an instrument.
puq* (n) Blunt instrument of impulse by striking.
* (v) To bat."
"Battle","bel* (n) Antagonism. Active hostility or opposition.
belæt* (n) Battle, fight, competition, contest, match, game. Instance of antagonism.
beltr* (n) Battlefield, war zone. Location of antagonism.
kontr* (v) To oppose, counter, be against, fight, battle."
"Bay","bad* (n) 1. An opening in a wall, especially between two columns. 2. An internal recess; a compartment or area surrounded on three sides. 3. The distance between two supports in a vault or building with a pitched roof. 4. (nautical) Each of the spaces, port and starboard, between decks, forward of the bitts, in sailing warships.
baj* (n) Concavity of shore.
bo*, ulul* (n) Animal sound.
mar* (n) Very large body of water.
vag* (n) Cry, wail, as that of a newborn."
"Bean","fab*. See Beans in Vocabulary for specific types of beans."
"Bear","ber* (v) To carry, bear, bring.
kanal* (v) Conduit. To carry or direct matter from one location to another.
karpent* (n) Two-wheeled carriage, cart, wheelbarrow.
veh* (n) Transference.
See Carry, Bring, and derivatives of -amos* and -eh*.

The animal:
ðirtk* Family Ursidae.
bern* Figurative.
See derivatives of rtk*.

Giving birth:
nask* (n) The act of giving birth to live young.
nat* (n) Born (to, in)."
"Beast","See Monster."
"Beauty","apr* (n) Beauty, desireability.
pulkr* (n) Physical or sexual appeal.
fridr* (v) "Beautiful" (name)."
"Beaver","bebr* Family Castoridae.
kastor* Genus Castor."
"Become","fj*. v* (modifier)."
"Bedbug","cimek* (n) Order Cimex.
konop* (Figurative.)"
"Bee","The insect:
memsopt* Order Hymenoptera.
bej* Taxon Anthophila.
meliss* Tribe Apini. Honey bee.
debor* Figurative (name).
See derivatives of -apj*.

Other uses:
melor* To produce honey."
"Beef","bovat* Bovine flesh."
"Beetle","bæd* Order Coleoptera."
"Begin, beginning","-ec* To begin to… Direct base modifier.
-orj* Beginning of the modified base.
tir* (v) To begin an action or event. (n) Beginner, novice, recruit."
"Behind","post* (v) Behind, in back of, after.
xir* (v) Late, behind, in back.
See Backside, Buttock."
"Belief","fid* Belief, faith, confidence."
"Belong","in* (v) To be in, be inside of, belong to.
membr* (n) Member of a collection.
pr* (v) To belong to, for."
"Belt","Form: See Circle.
Function: *."
"Bench","bank* Low table."
"Bend","ark* (v) Bent, curved, arched.
flek* (v) To bend, flex, curve. (intransitive)"
"Berry","pom* Ripened ovary of a seed-bearing plant, with its fleshy, edible interior."
"Bet","See Gamble, Wager."
"Bewilder","aq*. Admiration, awe. Astonishment, amazement, wonderment, bewilderment."
"Bill","akobl* (n) Cutting edge.
bolj* (n) Page in a book, sheet of paper.
rostr* (n) Immovable proboscis.
See Invoice."
"Billy","See Club, Goat."
"Bird","av* (v) To fly, particularly on one's own volition.
ðorn* (n) Class Aves. See Biological Taxonomy.
plewk* (n) Bird that is suitable for eating; fowl."
"Birth","fetor* (n) To release one's fetus. Denotes both actual birth and miscarriage.
nask* (v) To give birth (to).
nat* (v) Born (to, in)."
"Bitch","See Dog."
"Bite, to bite","mord* (v) To bite as an attack."
"Bitter","akrib* (n) Sourness, tartness.
mær* (n) Grief. Sorrow, distress, affliction, woe, heartache."
"Black","neqr* (n) Blackness.
blak* (v) Burned, hence black. (See Burn.)
See Black in Color Taxonomy to explore specific shades."
"Blackjack","bast* Rod used as an instrument.
puq* Blunt instrument of impulse by striking."
"Blade","akobl* (n) Cutting edge.
blad* (n) Narrow leaf.
spat* (n) Shoulder blade."
"Blame","kulp* (n) Guilt, fault, blame, responsibility.
kulpod* (v) To blame."
"Blank","blank(-if,-ift)* (v) Uncolored, discolored, blank. Does not imply any color. Implies either a natural state of colorlessness or a result of an attempt to remove color.
kromew* (n) Lack of color. kromemp*, kromolv*."
"Blaze","bleq* (v) Burning, blazing, on fire.
kand* (v) To emit light by burning.
See Fire."
"Bleach","blankif* (v) To remove all color.
blankifent* (n) Bleach.
kromemp* (v) To remove color."
"Blemish","makl(-os,-od,-end)* (n) Imperfection, flaw.
avarj(-if,-ift)* (v) Damaged, blemished.
falar* (n) Spot, blemish, freckle. Particularly light-colored. Can be naturally occurring; does not suggest cause or imperfection.
læd* (n) Lesion: Damage caused by internal problems.
See Damage, flaw."
"Bless","be* (n) Divine approbation.
beend*, barak* (n) Patient of divine approbation.
div* (v) Divinely inspired, talented.
wind* (v) Innocence."
"Block","klud* (n) Closure.
mont* (n) Convexity. Superficial form outward.
kub* (n) Rectangular hexahedron.
(v) To block."
hæmid* (v) The color.
blod* (n) Figurative.
sanqw* (n;fig) "Blood"; cheer, optimism, joy."
"Blossom","abib(m)* (n) Flowering. Production of external structures.
blos(m)* (n) Growth, blossoming, flowering. Expansion by natural development."
"Blow","fl* (v) To blow.
flaq* (n) Instrument of blowing. Fan."
"Bludgeon","puq* (n) Blunt instrument of impulse by striking.
* (v) To bludgeon."
"Blue","blu* Cardinal base.
See Blue in Color Taxonomy to explore specific shades.
Figurative: See Sad."
"Blunt","tund*, neak* (v) Not sharp.
jejun* (v) Not interesting."
"Blush","blisk* (n) Blush, suffusion, flush."
"Boar","suir* Male of familySuidae."
"Body","korp* Body.
qlob* Celestial body."
"Boil","anthrak* (n) Sore.
paß* (n) Passion.
* (v) To boil.
See Boiling in the Thesaurus."
"Bold, boldness","hard* Courage, hardiness, bravery."
"Bolt","fulqm* (n) Lightning bolt."

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