• Equality [Sameness of quantity or degree.] - ækw*
  • Inequality [Difference of quantity or degree.] - niækw*
  • Mean - mez*
  • Compensation - ækwipend*

Quantity by Comparison with a Standard

General term paw+ Few/little. ækw* Equal (to). ple+ Many/much.
Comparative tropaw+ Fewer/lesser (than). N/A trople+ More (than).
Superlative mopaw+ Fewest/least (among). N/A mople+ Most (among).
Passive Causation tropawv* To decrease. ækwiv* To become equal. troplev* To increase.
Active Causation tropawf* To decrease. ækwif* To make equal. troplef* To increase.
Extremitive pawsult* Too few/little. N/A plesult* Too many/much.