Primary Base rub* Name/RGB red       Red Very High Green Very Low Blue Very Low

RED, scarlet, cardinal, cardinal red, vermilion, carmine, , pink, rose, , rouge, coquelicot, salmon, lake, maroon, carnation, magenta, solferino, damask, flesh -color, - tint; color; fresh -, high- color; warmth; gules [her.].
REDNESS &c. adj.; rubescence, rubicundity, ruddiness, rubefaction, rubrication, rubification; erubescence, blush.
[COMPARISONS] ruby, garnet, carbuncle; rust, iron mold or mould; rose, cardinal flower, lobelia; cardinal-bird, - grosbeak; redstart.
[DYES AND PIGMENTS] cinnabar, cochineal, red ocher or ochre, stammel, fuchsine or fuchsin, vermilion; ruddle, madder; Indian red, palladium red, light red, Venetian red; red ink, annatto or annotto, realgar, minium, red lead.

Element Class(es) Definition
malvibjid* spec chrom Mauve.
rub* card chrom Red.
rubend* dat pa To redden (by/from).
rubod* dat ac To redden.
rubos* ess Having red.
ruf* abs ess sta Having red hair, redheaded.
Descendants Swatch Red Green Blue Primary Base
Cherry, cherry red, cerise       kerasud*
Coral       *
Crimson       kermid*
Fire Brick Red       *
Indian Red       *
Maroon       *
Mauve       malvibjud*
Orange Red       *
Pink       qwenid*
Raspberry       veryhigh verylow low raspid*
Rose       veryhigh low low rodid*
Rust       veryhigh low verylow feratid*
Salmon       na na na salmid*
Venetian red       veryhigh verylow verylow venetid*
Vermilion       veryhigh low low vermid*
Cross-Reference Swatch Red Green Blue Primary Base
Amaranth       *
Blood Red       haemud*
Brick       *
Burgundy       burqundud*
Candy Apple Red       *
Cherry, cherry red, cerise       kerasud*
Coral       *
Crimson       kermid*
Dark Red       saturirub*
Dark Salmon       saturisalmud*
Fuchsia       fuksud*
Siblings Swatch Red Green Blue Primary Base
Blue       verylow verylow veryhigh blu*
Green       verylow veryhigh verylow virid*
Red       veryhigh verylow verylow rub*