Child Supergroups

Class Name Status Definition
Taxonomic Supergroup ACTIVE Denotes classification within a taxonomy or hierarchy.


Abbr. Group Name Status Definition
card Cardinal Group ACTIVE Contains elements that represent one of an enumerated set of objects or concepts.
chem Chemical Group ACTIVE Denotes specific chemical elements or molecules.
der Derivative Group ACTIVE Indicates something that is derived or extracted from something else.
hol Holonymic Group POTENTIAL The whole that a part belongs to.
mer Meronymic group ACTIVE A part of a whole, a component within a system, or a member of a collection.
ord Ordinal Group ACTIVE Contains elements that denote ordering or sequencing.
sel Selective Group POTENTIAL Indicates one item selected out of a group or collection of like items.
spec Specific Group ACTIVE Contains elements in specificities other than any other specificity group.

Details and Notes

Mutual Exclusivity: Specificity Groups

The groups of the Specificity supergroup are mutually exclusive. An element may belong to at most one of these groups.