Definition Pertaining to distinctions or nuances in meaning or use. Do not impart grammatical rules.

Child Supergroups

Class Name Status Definition
Agency Supergroup ACTIVE Determines the role that a member element has in a statement.
Comparison Supergroup ACTIVE
Directional Supergroup ACTIVE Denotes direction or position of action, motion or application.
Functional Supergroup ACTIVE Contains groups that indicate the verbal sense of the elements contained.
Gender Supergroup ACTIVE
Modal Supergroup ACTIVE Groups that denote the mood or attitude of the statement.
Personal Supergroup ACTIVE
Perspective Supergroup ACTIVE
Qualitative Supergroup ACTIVE
Salience Supergroup ACTIVE Indicates the salience or prominence of the item described.
Specificity Supergroup ACTIVE
Tangibility Supergroup ACTIVE


Abbr. Group Name Status Definition
ab Abstract Group ACTIVE Does not have a specific meaning until it is put into a context.
acc Accusative Group POTENTIAL Denotes a case whose distinctive function is to indicate the direct object of a verb or the object of certain prepositions.
assoc Associative Group POTENTIAL Denotes that the subject of the sentence is represented as performing the action expressed by the verb.
aux Auxiliary Group ACTIVE Object or subject that is not the agent of the indicated action.
b Bounded Class
cond Condition(al) Group ACTIVE
dem Demonstrative Group ACTIVE Indicates or singles out a thing being referred to.
dim Diminutive Group ACTIVE
dist Distributive Group ACTIVE Indicates distribution across a collection to the individual members.
fam Familial Group ACTIVE Indicates familial relationships, including ancestry and descendancy.
fig Figurative Group ACTIVE
geom Geometric Group ACTIVE Geometric concepts such as shapes and solids.
ger Gerundive Class ACTIVE Denotes worthiness of, necessity of or obligation to perform an action.
indc Indicative Group POTENTIAL Indicates the mood of the verb used for ordinary objective statements, questions, etc.
inter Interrogative Group ACTIVE Denotes concepts that form, constitute, or are used in or to form a question.
ob Oblique Group POTENTIAL Indicates any case of noun inflection except nominative and vocative.
phys Physical Group ACTIVE Indicates physical attribute or meaning.
subj Subjective Group ACTIVE Subject to personal opinion, attitude, or mood.
unb Unbounded Group ACTIVE Connotes unlimited quantity.

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