Definition Denotes quantity, number, countability or enumerability.

Child Supergroups

Class Name Status Definition


Abbr. Group Name Status Definition
agg Aggregate Group ACTIVE Denotes a sum, mass, or assemblage of particulars into a whole mass or sum.
bin Binary Group POTENTIAL Represents two subjects.
col Collective Group ACTIVE Denotes a collection of multiple like particulars considered as a whole.
dis Discrete (Countable) Group ACTIVE Denotes count nouns (separate, apart, detached from others).
m Mass (Uncountable) Group ACTIVE Denotes an indefinitely divisible substance or an abstract notion.
part Partitive Group POTENTIAL Denotes part of a whole.

Details and Notes

Aggregate vsersus Collective

(INCOMPLETE) What is the difference between the aggregate group and the collective group?

Quantitative Supergroup

The groups of the Quantitative supergroup are mutually exclusive.