Definition Contains groups that indicate the verbal sense of the elements contained.

Child Supergroups

Class Name Status Definition


Abbr. Group Name Status Definition
abe Abessive Group ACTIVE Denotes lack or absence of something.
abl Ablative Group ACTIVE Indicates loss or removal of a thing or state from a patient.
act Action Group ACTIVE Indicates an action not covered by another functional group.
cau Causative Group ACTIVE Denotes causing something to take on a condition or state, or to become something.
dat Dative Class ACTIVE Denotes having, giving or receiving.
dest Destinative Group POTENTIAL Indicates a destination.
ess Essive Group ACTIVE Indicates a state of being or ownership.
gen Generative Group ACTIVE Indicates generation or emission.
or Originitive Group POTENTIAL Denotes origin or origination.
sta Stative Group ACTIVE Indicates states of being.

Details and Notes

Functional Subgroup

The groups of the Functional subgroup are mutually exclusive. Limit one per element.