Locative Group ACTIVE

Denotes a place or location.

Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
adalibertanj* spec loc dis tg Alberta. Canada
adurezer* spec loc dis tg Adriatic Sea. Europe
├Žktr* loc dis tg Place where torture is administered. Torture
afqananj* spec loc dis tg Afghanistan. Middle East
akadj* spec loc dis tg Acadia. Canada
alask* spec loc dis tg Alaska.
alb* spec loc dis tg Scotland.
(place name) Albany.
aleksanj* loc dis tg Alexandria. Multiple Geographic Classifications
aleksanj* puranjin* spec loc dis tg Alexandria, Virginia. United States
almanj* loc School, university, college. Education
-alp* spec loc Constructor for the names of specific mountains and hills.
alpanj* spec loc dis tg The Alps. Europe
alt* 1. subj unb pos rel
2. card loc
1. High.
2. Up.
angelanj* spec loc dis tg Los Angeles. United States
-anj* loc dis tg Locative class constructor. A place intended for the thing or action defined by the root.
a. The land or nation of that ethnic group. _
ankuranj* spec loc dis tg Anchorage (Alaska). United States
anqlanj* spec loc dis tg England. Europe
aperqanj* init loc Origin, start, starting point. Point or place of departure. Origin
arabanj* spec loc dis tg Arabia. Middle East
arkadanj* spec loc dis tg Arcadia.
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Details and Notes]]

Location-Group Modifiers

-an* Ethnicity associated with the location.
-ens* Native or resident of the location.

-ep* At the location.
-ap* Away from the location.
-ej* To go to the location.
-ort* To turn towards the location.

Nominative Supergroup

Groups within the Nominative supergroup are mutually exclusive.


Name Gloss
Abode Place of habitation.
Base Foundational or bottommost vertical extreme.
Battlefield Location of antagonism.
Capital Chief municipality of a country, state or jurisdiction.
Destination Intended location of arrival.
East Laterality towards the sunrise.
Focus Place or point of assemblage or convergence.
Headquarters Location of authority.
Home Abode of habitation.
Inlet Location of ingress.
Jurisdiction Domain of authority.
Mart Location or facility of property interchange.
Outlet Location of egress.
Summit Topmost vertical extreme.


Abbreviation Name Definition


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy

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