Generative Group ACTIVE

Indicates generation or emission.

Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
-abor* v: rel gen act To give others the ability to perform the action indicated by the base. Ability
acor* gen act To emit acid. Acid
œnorœk* gen fac dis tg Winery.
æror* gen act To emit or release air or gas, exhale, deflate; pass gas, fart. Gaseity
aktor* gen act To emit radiation, be radioactive. Radioactivity
akwor* gen act To emit or give off water. Water
akworuraq* inst gen dis tg Generative means of water.
almor* gen act (v) To educate, teach.
(n) Teacher, educator, one who is involved in education.
avaror* rel gen act To emit greed, behave in a greedy manner.
awksor* gen act To aid, help, assist, support, minister. Ministry
balor* gen act To launch or fire projectiles. Propulsion
baloruraq* gen inst dis tg Generative means of projectiles. Gun
bazjor* gen act To produce berries.
bleor* rel gen act To create situations, cause problems, be problematic.
bonor* gen act To do good, be benevolent. Benevolence
boor* gen act To ululate.
bovatoritorj* gen fac dis tg Slaughterhouse, butcher.
bromor* rel gen act To emit a dull fetor. Fetor
dakror* gen act To shed tears, cry.
duqatror* gen act To give birth to a daughter.
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Details and Notes]]

Abessive generators of fire

Fire Extinguisher, extincteur [F.]; fire annihilator.
Amianthus, amianth, earth flax, mountain flax.
Fireman, fire brigade, fire department, fire engine.


Artist (producer of art) Painter, limner, drawer, sketcher, designer, engraver, chalcographer, glyptographer, graver, line engraver, draftsman or draughtsman; copyist; enameler or enameller, enamelist or enamellist; cartoonist, caricaturist. Carver, chaser, modeler, figuriste [F.], statuary, sculptor.


Generator of dissertation or commentary.
Scholiast, annotator; metaphrast, paraphrast; glossarist, prolocutor.
Critic, essayist, pamphleteer, publicist, reviewer, leader writer, editor, annotator.

Functional Subgroup

The groups of the Functional subgroup are mutually exclusive. Limit one per element.


kwaeror* Generative or dative agent of inquiry.
To seek, need, require, demand, depend on (a condition). Investigator, inquisitor, inspector, querist, examiner, probator, catechist; scrutator, scrutineer, scrutinizer; analyst; quidnunc (curiosity).



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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy

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