Facility Group ACTIVE

Denotes objects designed, built, installed, etc., to serve a specific function affording an action or state.

Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
abœk* fac dis tg Monastery. Literally abode for clergy. Monastery, Abbey
ækœk* fac dis tg Torture chamber.
œnorœk* gen fac dis tg Winery.
akwotorj* fac dis tg Aquarium.
almœk* act fac dis tg School, university, college. Facility of education. Education
ambikœk* fac dis tg Refinery, still, alembic.
aþlœk* fac dis tg Athletic arena, stadium.
avœk* fac dis tg 1. Aircraft hangar. 2. Birdhouse.
balnœk* fac dis tg Bathroom; bathhouse. Bath
bovatoritorj* gen fac dis tg Slaughterhouse, butcher.
buœk* fac dis tg House. Freestanding abode of permanent habitation. House
daras* fac dis tg School. Particularly one of theology or spirituality; madrassah. School
ditorj* ab dat fac Dative facility; distribution center.
drom* fac dis tg Facility intended for racing: Racecourse, race track.
edœk* fac dis tg Restaurant. Facility for eating. Restaurant
farmakoritorj* act fac dis tg Pharmacy. Dispensary of medicine. Medicine
fœk* ab cau fac dis tg Causative facility.
fumodœk* dat fac dis tg Smokehouse.
fumorœk* gen fac dis tg Room or place designated for smoking.
fyœk* fac dis tg Botanical garden.
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In linguistics, a grammatical agent is the cause or initiator of an event. The word agent is also used in this manner in Hilinqwo. Note that the agent is not necessarily the subject of the sentence. Consider the two sentences:

Kanos edit karnom. Dogs eat meat.
Karnos edtit kanom. Meat is eaten by dogs.

In both statements, kan* ("dog") is the agent. Karn* ("meat") is the patient. The voice used reflects the direction of agency. The first sentence is of the active voice: The subject is the agent and the direct object is the patient. The second sentence uses the passive voice: The subject is the patient and the direct object is the agent.

Hilinqwo also recognizes the following aspects of agency:

Instrument The means by which the indicated action or situation takes place. Usually something discrete and tangible. dis tg
Intent The ends of the action or situation. dis itg
Result The tangible product or result of the indicated action or situation. tg
Facility The location where the indicated action or situation takes place. dis tg
The reason for the action. dis itg

The groups of the Agency supergroup are mutually exclusive.


Crematory Facility of disposal by calefaction. Crematorium, incinerator, calcinatory; cupel.

Facility of Cleaning

Causative facility of cleanness. Bath, bathroom, swimming pool, natatorium, bathhouse; lavatory; laundry, washhouse.'


Name Gloss
Court Facility of law.
Mart Location or facility of property interchange.
Monastery, Abbey Facility of private religious practice.
Place of Amusement
Restaurant Abode that serves food.
Temple Facility of worship or public religious practice.


Abbreviation Name Definition


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy

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