Discrete (Countable) Group ACTIVE

Denotes count nouns (separate, apart, detached from others).

Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ab* v: 2v ag dis tg To pastor, lead (in a spiritual sense). Clergy
abakempuraq* abl inst dis tg Instrument that removes chaff. Duster, vacuum cleaner.
abiburm* res dis tg Blossom.
abj* bio dis tg Genus Abies. Fir. Abies
abl* dis tg Apple. Specifically the fruit of genus Malus. Fruit
ablarb* bio dis tg Genus Malus. Apple tree. Malus
abœk* fac dis tg Monastery. Literally abode for clergy. Monastery, Abbey
absinþ* bio dis tg Artemisia absinthium, wormwood. Artemisia
-ac* (bio) (ess sta) dis tg Constructor for biological family names.
acr* bio dis tg Genus Acer. Maple. Acer
adalibertanj* spec loc dis tg Alberta. Canada
adam* n: ess sta dis tg Man, human being. Adam. Particularly in the sense of being a creature of God. Person
aden* dis tg Gland. Gland
adurezer* spec loc dis tg Adriatic Sea. Europe
æd* res dis tg Building, structure. A result of production. Structure (Production)
æh* spec dis tg The letter ash (æ). Glyphs
-æk* act dis Owner or master of the noun modified.
ækuraq* inst dis tg Means of torture. Scourge. Torture
æktr* loc dis tg Place where torture is administered. Torture
ækm* abs dis tg The head of a spear. Sharpness
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Details and Notes]]

Analytical Instruments of Air in Motion

Wind-gauge, anemometer, anemoscope, anemograph, anemometrograph; weathercock, weathervane, vane.


Associate Professional auxiliary. Secretary, clerk, associate, marshal; handmaid; servant.


Busybody Agent of curiosity (pejorative).


Cage Prison for animals.


Camp Temporary abode. Bivouac, encampment, cantonment; barrack, casemate, casern or caserne.
Does not connote any specific type of structure.


Case Transport container, generally rigid and spacious. Chest, box, coffer, caddy, casket. Trunk, portmanteau, bandbox, valise, grip or gripsack [colloq., U. S.], suitcase, handbag.


Certificate Indication of record. Warrant, credential, diploma, voucher, certificate, docket; testamur [L.]; record [See Record]; muniments; document; pièce justificative [F.]; deed, warranty (security) [See Security]; exhibit; citation, reference, quotation; admission (assent) [See Assent].


Claw Unguous instrument of retention. Talon, pincers, nippers, vise.


Generator of dissertation or commentary.
Scholiast, annotator; metaphrast, paraphrast; glossarist, prolocutor.
Critic, essayist, pamphleteer, publicist, reviewer, leader writer, editor, annotator.


Corset Undergarment intended for support of the upper torso. Stays, corsage, brassière, camisole, corselet, bodice.'


Coverlet Soft mobile covering, generally for furniture. Counterpane, sheet, quilt, blanket, rug, drugget; housing; tidy, antimacassar, eiderdown quilt or eiderdown; comforter or comfortable or comfort [all U. S.] numdah [Hind.], pillowcase, pillowslip; linoleum, oilcloth; tarpaulin; saddle blanket, saddlecloth; poncho.


Crematory Facility of disposal by calefaction. Crematorium, incinerator, calcinatory; cupel.


Cupboard Storage container of household utensils or materials. Closet, commode, cellaret, chiffonier or chiffonnier, chiffonnière [F.], locker, bin, bunker, buffet, press, clothespress, safe, sideboard, drawer, chest of drawers, till, escritoire, scrutoire [obs.], secretary, secrétaire [F.], davenport, book-case, cabinet, canterbury; étagère [F.], vargueno, vitrine.


Deadlock Cessation due to mutual contention for held resources. Dead stop, dead stand; full stop; fix; embargo.


Desk Article of furniture intended for performing business and for minor containment. Bureau, reliquary, shrine.

Discrete (Countable) Group Modifiers

-ar* Collection of the object, idea or event.


Dock, quay, wharf, mole, landing.


Employee Compensated servant.

Facility of Cleaning

Causative facility of cleanness. Bath, bathroom, swimming pool, natatorium, bathhouse; lavatory; laundry, washhouse.'

Flap synonyms

Lug, lapel, apron, tab, fly, tuck, lap, piece, lappet, skirt, embroidery, trappings, cortege or cortège [F.].

Gauge of Linear Dimension

Pedometer, odometer, odograph, viameter, viatometer, telemeter, perambulator.

Gauge of Weighing

Gauge of Weighing Balance, scales.


ventev* Instance of wind. Gust, blast, breeze, capful of wind, fresh breeze, stiff breeze, keen blast, squall, half a gale, gale.


Hint Quantum of information. Suggestion, innuendo (pej), inkling, whisper, passing word, word in the ear, subaudition, subauditur, cue, byplay; gesture (indication) [See Indication]; gentle -, broad- hint; verbum sapienti [L.]; word to the wise; insinuation (latency) [See Latency].

Instruments of Hearing

Ear trumpet, speaking trumpet; telephone, phonograph, microphone; gramophone, phonograph, megaphone, phonorganon; audiphone, dentiphone; stethoscope.


Mistake Miss, fault, blunder, cross-purposes, oversight, misprint, erratum, corrigendum, slip, blot, flaw, loose thread; trip, stumble (failure) [See Failure]; botchery (want of skill) [See Unskillfulness].
[from Guilt:] Indiscretion, lapse, slip, trip, faux pas [F.], peccadillo; flaw, blot, omission, failing, failure; blunder."


Motto, epigraph, epitaph, posy [archaic].


Narrative, history; memoir, memorials; annals (chronicle) [See Record]; saga; tradition, legend, story, tale, historiette; personal narrative, journal, letters, biography, autobiography, life; obituary, necrology; adventures, fortunes, experiences, confessions; anecdote, ana.


Post, chargeship, incumbency, living; situation, berth, billet, appointment, employ, service; engagement; undertaking.


Name Gloss
Abode Aggregates
Act Instance of action with purpose.
Alien Extraneous person.
Almond The nutlike kernel of the fruit of species Prunus dulcis.
Anchor Vinculum dropped by a chain, cable, or rope to the bottom of a body of water for preventing or restricting the motion of a vessel or other floating object, typically having broad, hooklike arms that bury themselves in the bottom to provide a firm hold.
Anemometer Gauge of wind.
Angel Beneficent spirit.
Animal Discrete tangible essive of animality.
Appetite Desire to satisfy any bodily need or craving.
Arena Abode of sport or antagonism.
Arrow Wooden shaft with pointed metal head, intended to be launched as a projectile.
Ass (fig.)
Athlete Agent of athletics.
Atom Ultimate component of matter.
Audience Agent of hearing.
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Abbreviation Name Definition
bio-dis-tg Biological Discrete Tangible Subclass Denotes biological entities by general name, body structure or appearance.
dis-tg Discrete Tangential Subclass Denotes separate physical objects.


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy

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