Dative Class ACTIVE

Denotes having, giving or receiving.

Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
celerawq* dat act m itg Acceleration. Increase in velocity. Acceleration
celerod* rel dat ac To accelerate. Acceleration
celod* dat ac To hide, conceal, save, contain. Concealment
cend* const dat term tr To learn. Learning
cernend* dat term tr To discern. Career
cervik* abs mer ess sta dis itg Normal narrowness within a greater whole. Such as the neck or the cervix of the uterus. Narrowness
ʃanend* subj dat pa To receive wisdom (from/by).
ʃanod* subj dat ag To give wisdom (to).
ʃod* dat ac To deliver, save. Religious Affections
cod* const dat tr To teach. Teaching
d* const +dat +ac To give or administer something (noun modified) to someone or something (direct object). Possession
dæzend* v: dis pa Receiving euphoria.
dæzod* v: dat ag Giving or causing euphoria.
damnod* dat ac To condemn.
daq* const dat inst tg Dative means. Means
deformend* dat pa To become deformed.
deformod* dat ag To deform.
dejod* rel dat tr Psychedelic, hallucinogenic. Enlightenment
dejend* rel dat pa To enter an altered state (by/from), begin to hallucinate. Enlightenment
dekandod* ger dat tr To dignify. Dignity

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Details and Notes]]


Adjunct of dissertation. Commentation, review, critique, criticism.


kombrod* Damper Agent of hindrance.

Functional Subgroup

The groups of the Functional subgroup are mutually exclusive. Limit one per element.


kwaeror* Generative or dative agent of inquiry.
To seek, need, require, demand, depend on (a condition). Investigator, inquisitor, inspector, querist, examiner, probator, catechist; scrutator, scrutineer, scrutinizer; analyst; quidnunc (curiosity).



Abbreviation Name Definition
dat-pa Dative Transitive-Passive Subclass


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy

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