Dative Class ACTIVE

Denotes having, giving or receiving.

Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
abakod* rel dat ac To (give) dust (to).
-abend* rel dat pa To receive the ability to do the action described by the source base.
-abod* rel dat ag To give the ability to do the action described by the verb sense of the modified base. Ability
adipend* v: dat pa To gain body fat.
adiposult* a: ext dat Obese.
adipod* v: dat ag To fatten.
æqod* dat ag To guide, direct. Direction (Voluntary Action)
ærod* dat ag To aerate. Air
ærend* dat pa To receive air or gas.
akif* unb pos rel cau ag To sharpen. Sharpness
akend* unb pos rel dat pa To become sharp (by/from). Sharpness
aktod* dat ag To irradiate. Radioactivity
aktend* dat pa To receive radiation, be irradiated. Radioactivity
akwod* dat ag To water, hydrate. Does not mean "to make wet." Water
akwoduraq* inst dat dis tg Dative means of water.
almend* dat pa To learn (from), be educated (by). Learner
almod* dat ag To educate, teach. Direct object is the student. Education
ankod* dat ac To stress, tighten, constrict, cause pain to. Pain
armid* dat tr To arm.
aromend* dat pa To be seasoned (by). Pungency
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Details and Notes]]


Adjunct of dissertation. Commentation, review, critique, criticism.


kombrod* Damper Agent of hindrance.

Functional Subgroup

The groups of the Functional subgroup are mutually exclusive. Limit one per element.


kwaeror* Generative or dative agent of inquiry.
To seek, need, require, demand, depend on (a condition). Investigator, inquisitor, inspector, querist, examiner, probator, catechist; scrutator, scrutineer, scrutinizer; analyst; quidnunc (curiosity).


Name Gloss
Adviser Dative agent of advice.
Agent of Desire
Aid Auxiliary support.
Arrangement Reduction to order.
Borrowing Receiving with agreement of future reimbursement.
Communication Direct giving of information.
Condiment Substance that adds taste.
Depth Orthogonal length as measured downward from a summit.
Dupe Patient of deception. Person who acts, believe or trust too readily, especially without proper or adequate evidence or reason. Agent of credulity.
Facilitator Dative agent of ease.
Gatherer Agent of assemblage.
Goal Object of intention.
Height Orthogonal length as measured upward from a base.
Induration Imparting of hardness.
Intimation Indirect giving of information.
Investment Application of covering.
Judge Administrator of justice.
Keeper Dative agent of restraint.
Lending Giving with agreement of future reimbursement.
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Abbreviation Name Definition
dat-pa Dative Transitive-Passive Subclass


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy

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