Collective Group ACTIVE

Denotes a collection of multiple like particulars considered as a whole.

Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
amar* col Group of friends; fraternal society or organization. None.
andrar* col Group of males.
anqles* spec col English. Specific Languages
-ar* dis,zoo,bot > col Collective-class constructor. mod dis: A group of the concrete distinct object represented by the source base.
mod zoo: A group of the animal represented by the source base.
mod bot: A collection of separate plants or a sprawling mass of connected plants (such as grass).
arabes* spec col Arabic. Specific Languages
armar* col Fleet of arms, army.
avar* 1. rel neg m itg
2. col
1. Greed, avarice.
2. Fleet of planes, air force.
buar* abs col Group of people who live together or in proximity; community.
calj* col Council, legislature. Gathering or collective for authority or advice. Council
cines* spec col Chinese. Specific Languages
∂ornoqr* col tg Flock of birds. Aves
dokar* col itg A collection of teachings.
dombes* spec col The Gypsy language, Romany. Specific Languages
duces* spec col The German language.
iveres* col The Irish language. Specific Languages
eqar* 1p col pn We, us.
-es* col Language.
-et* (2) num > +col Group containing a specific number of members.
eþn* col Tribe, ethnic group. Kind
etruskes* spec col The Etruscan language. Specific Languages
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Aggregate vsersus Collective

(INCOMPLETE) What is the difference between the aggregate group and the collective group?

Quantitative Supergroup

The groups of the Quantitative supergroup are mutually exclusive.


Name Gloss
Bar Group of lawyers.
Congregation Group of worshipers.
Convoy, Train Company of vehicles.
Council Group of persons assembled for advice or authority.
Oddments Odd or irregular part.
Orchestra Generative collective of musicians.
Outfit Collection of clothing.
Retinue Collection of servants.
Solar System Star and its satellites.
Train A collection of particulars following a primary.


Abbreviation Name Definition


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy

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