Agent Group ACTIVE

Indicates that the subject of the statement is the person or thing performing the indicated action.

Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ab* v: 2v ag dis tg To pastor, lead (in a spiritual sense). Clergy
abakemp* rel abl ag To (remove) dust (from).
abakod* rel dat ac To (give) dust (to).
-abemp* rel abl ac To take (away) the ability to do the action described by the source base.
-abod* rel dat ag To give the ability to do the action described by the verb sense of the modified base. Ability
aderq* all ac To go to, go towards, approach. Approach
adipod* v: dat ag To fatten.
æk* ac To torture, punish. Torture
ækwif* abs cau ag To equalize, balance. Equality
ækwipend* act To weigh equally, hence balance. Equality
æml* ag dis tg Rival, opponent. Opponent
æmlir* masc ag Male rival or opponent. Opponent
æqod* dat ag To guide, direct. Direction (Voluntary Action)
ærod* dat ag To aerate. Air
ærof* cau ag To vaporize, sublimate. Vaporization
æsk* ag To ask or want as patient to do something. The direct object is the entity being asked, and the statement should be followed by an infinitive denoting what is being asked. See Mood. Request
neakif* v: unb neg rel cau ag To blunt. Bluntness
akif* unb pos rel cau ag To sharpen. Sharpness
aktod* dat ag To irradiate. Radioactivity
akwod* dat ag To water, hydrate. Does not mean "to make wet." Water
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In linguistics, a grammatical agent is the cause or initiator of an event. The word agent is also used in this manner in Hilinqwo. Note that the agent is not necessarily the subject of the sentence. Consider the two sentences:

Kanos edit karnom. Dogs eat meat.
Karnos edtit kanom. Meat is eaten by dogs.

In both statements, kan* ("dog") is the agent. Karn* ("meat") is the patient. The voice used reflects the direction of agency. The first sentence is of the active voice: The subject is the agent and the direct object is the patient. The second sentence uses the passive voice: The subject is the patient and the direct object is the agent.

Hilinqwo also recognizes the following aspects of agency:

Instrument The means by which the indicated action or situation takes place. Usually something discrete and tangible. dis tg
Intent The ends of the action or situation. dis itg
Result The tangible product or result of the indicated action or situation. tg
Facility The location where the indicated action or situation takes place. dis tg
The reason for the action. dis itg

The groups of the Agency supergroup are mutually exclusive.


Cauterant (agent of destructive calefaction) Scorifier; match (fuel) [See Fuel]; caustic, lunar caustic, apozem, moxa; catheretic, nitric acid, nitrochlorohydric acid, nitromuriatic acid, radium.


kombrod* Damper Agent of hindrance.


kwaeror* Generative or dative agent of inquiry.
To seek, need, require, demand, depend on (a condition). Investigator, inquisitor, inspector, querist, examiner, probator, catechist; scrutator, scrutineer, scrutinizer; analyst; quidnunc (curiosity).


Treasurer Consignee of money.


Name Gloss
Adviser Dative agent of advice.
Agent Cause or initiator of action.
Agent of Desire
Alien Extraneous person.
Athlete Agent of athletics.
Beggar Petitioner seeking gratuity.
Blusterer Agent of violence.
Boaster Agent of boasting.
Borrowing Receiving with agreement of future reimbursement.
Cathartic Causative agent of cleanness by excretion.
Combatant Generative of antagonism.
Communication Direct giving of information.
Companion Discrete agent of accompaniment.
Composer Generative agent of melody or music.
Consignee Person appointed to administer the affairs of a person, company, or institution.
Customer Terminus of property interchange.
Deceiver Generative agent of deception.
Defender Agent of defense.
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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy

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