Base Male Female Young
sek* sekir* sekiß* seket*
Level Class
Gloss Insect.
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Matching Base(s)

Element Gloss Clarification
hirsutibj* Caterpillar.
sek* Class Insecta.

Immediate Hyponyms

Level Title Base Description
Subclass Apterygota nipt*
Order Archaeognatha (Monocondylia, Microcoryphia) unikondylisek* Jumping bristletails; oldest wingless insects.
Order Coleoptera baed* Beetles.
Order Dermaptera dermopt* Earwigs.
Other Dicondylia dwikondylisek* Insects with two condyles.
Order Diptera dwipt* Two-winged insects.
Order Hymenoptera memsopt* Sawflies, wasps, bees, ants.
Superorder Orthopterida rekiptac*
Superorder Panorpida *
Order Phasmatodea fasmisek* Stick insects, walking sticks, stick-bugs, phasmids, ghost insects, leaf insects.
Other Psocoptera *
Order Strepsiptera strebopt* Twisted-wing insects.
Order Thysanoptera thysanopt*