Base Male Female Young
dhorn* dhornir* dhorniß* dhornet*
Level Class
Gloss Birds.
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Matching Base(s)

Element Gloss Clarification
akworn* Waterfowl. Duck, goose, swan.
ðorn* Class Aves. Bird.
∂ornoqr* Flock of birds.

Immediate Hyponyms

Level Title Base Description
Superfamily Accipitriformes celerorn* Hawks, eagles and relatives.
Order Anseriformes dhans*
Subclass Carinatae *
Order Columbiformes kolumbimorf*
Order Falconiformes falkorn*
Subclass Omnivoropterygiformes *
Order Passeriformes sperq* Passerines.
Superorder Psittacopasserae psitakac* Parrots and relatives.
Subclass Saurornithes sawrorn*
Superorder Strigimorphae ululornac* Owls and relatives.