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zon* ab loc
nbsp; Greek zṓnē

Definite space.

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zon* Region. Sphere, ground, soil, area, realm, hemisphere, quarter, orb, circuit, circle; pale (limit) [See Limit]; compartment, department; clearing; domain, tract, terrain, dominion, colony, commonwealth, territory, country, fatherland, motherland.

Clime, climate, zone, meridian, latitude.

ʃir* Region conjoined with jurisdiction. Canton, county, shire, province, parish, diocese, township, commune, ward, wapentake, hundred, riding, lathe, tithing, bailiwick; principality, duchy, palatinate, archduchy, dukedom, kingdom, empire.

Precinct, arena, walk, march, district, beat; patch, plot, inclosure, close, enclave, field, garth, court.

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