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bio dis tg
nbsp; IE *gʷeyh₃we- > *gʷih₃w-y-om > Pre-Hellenic *gʷyōwyon > Hellenic *ǰōyyon > Greek ζῷον

Kingdom Animalia.

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Animal cross-reference

zo* Member of kingdom Animalia.
animos* Essive of spirit.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
anemizo* bio dis tg Sea anemone.
bryizo* bio dis tg Phylum Bryozoa. Bryozoa
bubalizo* bio dis tg Subfamily Alcelaphinae. Alcelaphinae
zoœk* dis tg Animal abode. Particularly one made by the animal itself. Abode
zoard* inst dis tg Any device used to hold an animal, such as a kennel or an aquarium. Container for Animals
zoat* der m tg Animal products of any sort (food or otherwise). Flesh
zoanj* loc Zoo.
zoœd* dis tg Image that resembles an animal, hence sign of the zodiac. Outline
zoœdar* col dis tg Zodiac. Celestial Body
zoœk* fac dis tg Zoo.

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