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xim* spec dis itg
nbsp; IE *ǵʰey-

Synonyms (move to note)Sanskrit hemanta, Latin hiems, Ancient Greek kheima, Gaulish Giamillus, Old Church Slavonic zima, Russian зима (zimá), Polish zima, Lithuanian žiema, Latvian ziemas, Old Prussian semo, Avestan zimo, Old Armenian ձմեռն (jmeṙn), Albanian dimër/dimën, Kamviri zẽ, Persian /zemestān, Tocharian śärme/śimpriye, Welsh gaeaf, Irish gaimred/geimhreadh, Hittite gima, Old Norse gói, Persian /dai, Pashto zhëmai

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vern* Spring
aest* (semr*) Summer
awtumn* Autumn
xim* Winter

Note: The roots are action-class elements. To refer to a specific season (e.g. "summer of 2009"), use the selective-event form made by adding -e* (e.g. aeste*).

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