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xanan* rel pos m itg
nbsp; Semitic ḥnn > Hebrew ḥānan

Gratitude, thanks.
Indirect object is what one is thankful for.

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Sakriro Xananiro Baptiro Saint John the Baptist.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
xananan* Johnson, Johanson.
xananew* rel abe sta m itg Thanklessness, ingratitude.
xananod* dat tr To thank, give thanks to. Gratitude
jahxanan* John.
jahoxananan* Johnson, Johanson.
jahxananiß* fem Joanne, Jane.
jahxananir* masc John, Johannes, Giovanni.
xananir* masc John (or any name that is ultimately derived from John).
xananiß* fem Hannah, Anna, Joanne, Jane. Names, Titles and Greetings
xananos* rel ess Thankful, gracious. Gratitude

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