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ward* ess sta m itg
nbsp; IE *wer-


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Security, surety, impregnability; invulnerability, invulnerableness &c. adj.; danger -past, - over; storm blown over; coast clear; escape [See Escape]; means of escape; blow-, safety-, snifting- valve; safeguard, palladium; sheet anchor; rock, tower.
GUARDIANSHIP, wardship, wardenship; tutelage, custody, safe-keeping; preservation [See Preservation]; guardship [obs.], protection, auspices.
PROTECTOR, guardian; warden, warder; preserver, life saver, custodian, duenna, chaperon, third person.
safe-conduct, escort, convoy; guard, shield (defense) [See Defense]; guardian angel; tutelary -god, - deity, - saint; genius loci [L.].
WATCHDOG, bandog; Cerberus.
WATCHMAN, patrolman, policeman; cop, copper, peeler, bobby [all slang], blue coat [colloq.], constable, roundsman [U. S.], gendarme [F.], military police; detective, tec [slang], bull [slang, U. S.], spotter [slang]; sheriff, deputy; sentinel, sentry, scout (warning) [See Warning].
ARMED FORCE, garrison, life guard, State guard, militia, regular army, navy; volunteer; marine [See Combatant]; battleship, man-of-war [See Combatant].
[MEANS OF SAFETY] refuge &c., anchor [See Refuge]; precaution (preparation) [See Preparation]; guard, guard rail, hand rail; bulkhead, watertight compartment, safety appliance; bolt, hasp (pin) [See Vinculum]; cyclone cellar, dugout, bombproof dug-out; quarantine, cordon sanitaire [F.].
[SENSE OF SECURITY] confidence [See Hope].
JUDGE, justice, judiciary, magistrate.

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Short Name (root)

This base can be used as a short name for elements that contain it.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
otəward* Edward.
wardaq* inst dis tg Refuge. Means of safety. Refuge
wardemp* abl ac To endanger. Danger
wardend* dat pa To be watched, guarded (by).
wardew* abe sta m itg Danger. Lack of safety. Danger
wardod* dat ac To watch, guard.

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