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vor* const dis tg
nbsp; IE *gʷerh₃- > Latin vor-
An animal that is characterized by what it eats.

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Alb. ngrënë/ngranë, Arm. կեր (ker), Lith. gerti, Ltv. dzert, Ir. bráge/bráighid, Welsh breuant, Skr. गिरति (girati), Av. jaraiti, Gk. βορά (bora); βρῶμα (brōma), Gm. quedar/Köder, ON krás, Russ. жрать (žrat'), Polish żreć.

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vor* Usage Examples

karn* flesh > karnovor* carnivore
liqn* wood > liqnovor* termite
morw* ant > morwovor* anteater

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ewkarnovor* bio dis tg Order Carnivora. Carnivora
fyovor* dis tg Someone who eats (only or primarily) plants; vegetarian. Animal
hæmovor* dis tg Bloodeater, vampire. Animal
herbovor* act dis tg Grass-eater, herbivore. Does not mean "vegetarian." Animal
homovor* dis tg Animal that eats humans; cannibal.
karnovor* dis tg Carnivore. Animal
koprovor* dis tg Animal that eats dung.
liqnovor* bio dis tg Infraorder Isoptera. Termite. Isoptera
morwovor* dis tg Anteater. Vermilingua
nikarnivor* g zoo Someone who does not eat meat.
nizoatovor* zoo Someone who does not eat animal products; vegan. Animal
omnovor* dis tg Omnivore.
sekovor* dis tg Insectivore.
swovor* dis tg Something that eats itself; ouroboros. Eating

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