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voc* m itg
nbsp; IE *wekw- > Latin vōx
Voice.Does not directly imply sound.

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Voice synonyms

VOICE; vocality; organ, lungs, bellows; good -, fine -, powerful (loud) [See Loudness] -, musical [See Melody. Concord]- voice; intonation; tone (sound) [See Sound]- of voice.\n UTTERANCE; vocalization; cry [See Cry]; strain, prolation [archaic]; exclamation, ejaculation, vociferation, ecphonesis; enunciation, articulation; articulate sound, distinctness; clearness, - of articulation; stage whisper; delivery, attack.\n ACCENT, accentuation; emphasis, stress; broad -, strong -, pure -, native -, foreign- accent; pronunciation; orthoëpy; euphony (melody) [See Melody. Concord]; polyphonism, polyphony.\n VENTRILOQUISM or ventriloquy, ventrilocution, gastriloquism or gastriloquy [rare]; ventriloquist, gastriloquist [rare].\n [SCIENCE OF VOICE], phonology; (sound) [See Sound].

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