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abs ess sta m itg
nbsp; IE *gʷeyh₃w- > Latin vivus


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(nm) Vitus, Vito.

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Vitality synonyms

VIVIFICATION; oxygen; vital -air, - force; life force; vitalization; revival; revivification [See Reproduction].\n [SCIENCE OF LIFE] physiology, biology, ætiology or etiology, embryology; animal economy.\n NOURISHMENT, staff of life (food) [See Food].

Usage Examples  

  • [[li class="list-group-item"]] Edos bones vivosit bonet. He who eats well, lives well.[[/li]]


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
viviß* fem Vivian. Names, Titles and Greetings
vivir* masc Vivian.

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