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-e* versus -ekt*

Do not use -ekt* as a modifier to mean "made of (the substance indicated by the modified base. Use -e* for this meaning.

Base Modified with -e* Modified with -ekt*
liqn* ("wood") liqne* "made of wood, a wood object" liqnekt* "a piece of wood"'
vitr* ("glass") vitre* "made of glass, a glass object, a glass" vitrekt* "a piece of glass, a shard of glass"'

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
vitrarj* rel Of or pertaining to glass: Vitreous.
vitre* abs ess sta Made of glass, vitreous.
vitrosk* dis tg A piece of glass, a shard of glass; a glass object.
vitrykw* rel Vitreous (appearing to be glass).
vitrœd* fig rel Resembling glass, glassy, vitreous (of the nature of or resembling glass, as in transparency, brittleness, hardness, glossiness).
vitrum* chem m tg Neodymium. Chemical Elements

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