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abs ess sta
nbsp; IE *h₁widʰéwh₂ > Latin viduo "to deprive"

Separated from a partner or greater whole.

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(n) Widow (of either gender). Sanskrit vidhyati, Avestan viðavā, Gothic widuwō, Old Prussian widdewu, Russian вдова (vdová), Latin vidua;dīvidō, French veuve, Spanish viuda, Irish fedb/, German wituwa/Witwe, Welsh gweddw, Polish wdowa, Old Church Slavonic въдова (vŭdova), Persian /bēve(h), Ancient Greek eitheos, Umbrian uef, Lithuanian vidus, Latvian vidus, Serb. udova/udovica, Czech vdova

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vidwift* abs cau pa To become widowed (by/due to). Widowhood

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