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Appearing to be true, evident.

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Facts, premises, data, praecognita, grounds.
Indication [more]; criterion (test) [more].
Testimony, testification; attestation; deposition (affirmation) [more]; examination.
Admission (assent) [more]; authority, warrant, credential, diploma, voucher, certificate, doquet, docket; testamur; record [more]; document; pi�ce justificative; deed, warranty (security) [more]; signature, seal (identification) [more]; exhibit.
Witness, indicator; eyewitness, earwitness; deponent; sponsor; cojuror.
Oral evidence, documentary evidence, hearsay evidence, external evidence, extrinsic evidence, internal evidence, intrinsic evidence, circumstantial evidence, cumulative evidence, ex parte evidence, presumptive evidence, collateral evidence, constructive evidence; proof (demonstration) [more]; evidence in chief.
Secondary evidence; confirmation, corroboration, support; ratification (assent) [more]; authentication; compurgation, wager of law, comprobation.
Citation, reference.

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