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Falsehood, lie, story, thing that is not, fib, bounce, crammer [slang], tarradiddle or taradiddle [colloq. or dial. Eng.], whopper or whapper [colloq.], jhuth [Hind.].
fiction; fable, nursery tale; romance (imagination) [See Imagination]; canard; shave [slang, Eng.], sell [colloq.], hum, [slang], yarn [colloq.], fish story [colloq.], traveler’s tale, Canterbury tale, cock-and-bull story, fairy tale, fake, hot air [slang], claptrap.
myth, moonshine.
Fabrication, forgery, invention; misstatement, misrepresentation, perversion, falsification, gloss.
Half-Truth, white lie, pious fraud; mental reservation (concealment) [See Concealment]; irony.

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