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nbsp; IE *wer-dho- > Latin verbum


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WORD, term, vocable; name [See Nomenclature]; phrase [See Phrase]; root, etymon; derivative; part of speech (grammar) [See Grammar]; ideophone.\n DICTIONARY, lexicon, vocabulary, word book, index, glossary, thesaurus, gradus, delectus, concordance; Rosetta stone.\n [SCIENCE OF LANGUAGE] etymology, derivation, glottology or glossology, terminology, orismology; translation; pronunciation, ortho√ępy; paleology (philology) [See Language]; lexicography.\n LEXICOGRAPHER, lexicologist, etymologist, ortho√ępist, verbarian; glossographer (scholar) [See Scholar].\n VERBOSITY, verbiage, wordiness; loquacity [See Loquacity].

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