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vastor* rel neg gen act
nbsp; vast* + r*

Wasteful, destructive.

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vast* Destruction. Waste, dissolution, breaking up; disruption; diruption [obs.], consumption; disorganization.

vastoq* Executive: To use/wield destruction.
vastor* Generative: To destroy.

vastos* Essive of having.
vastod* Dative agent: To destroy.
vastend* Dative patient: To be destroyed (by/from).

vastaq* Means: Destroyer.
vastm* Result of destruction: Devastation, waste, debris.

vasttr* Domain/scope.

FALL, downfall, ruin, perdition, debacle, débâcle [F.], crash, éboulement [F.], smash [colloq.], havoc, délabrement [F.], breakdown, break-up; prostration, cave-in [colloq.]; desolation, bouleversement [F.], wreck, wrack [archaic], shipwreck, cataclysm; washout.
EXTINCTION, annihilation; destruction of life [See Killing].
Demolition, demolishment [rare], overthrow, subversion, suppression; abolition (abrogation) [See Abrogation]; biblioclasm; sacrifice; ravage, devastation, razzia; incendiarism; revolution [See Revolution]; extirpation (extraction) [See Extraction]; dilapidation (deterioration) [See Deterioration].

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