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1. num 2. rel
nbsp; IE *h₁óy-no-

1. One.
2. United, unified, joined, together.

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  • [[li class="list-group-item"]] [[[base:Un]]is epis ækwit dwim apim. One (of something) on (nearby) equals two (of that thing) off (afar).[[/li]]


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
gintiun* card num Eleven (11). Determinate Number
reun* abs ess sta Reunited, reunified, together again.
reunif* cau tr To reunite.
reunift* cau pa To reunite.
unel* num One thousand (10001).
uni* abs ess sta m itg Unity. Unity
unifæt* cau dis itg Union. Transitive sense.
unifyl* ord tax Top level or first-degree classification; biological kingdom.
unikomistaranj* spec loc dis tg United States. United States
unikratanj* spec loc dis tg United Kingdom.
unikweklaq* dis tg Unicycle.
unipl* dis tg Single layer, single-ply.
uniqon* card geom ess sta dis tg An open figure consisting of two lines connected at a point and forming an angle.
univev* cau ev Union. Intransitive sense.
unt* ord ess sta First, prime. Beginning (Order)
unund* num One hundred (100). Determinate Number
unundj* num The reciprocal of one hundred (100). Determinate Number

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