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tres* phys act m itg
nbsp; IE *ter- > *tres-
Shock, trauma.

Synonyms (move to note)Av. trərəsaiti, Grk. τρέω (tréō), Ir. tarrach/, Lat. terrēre, Lith. trišu, Ltv. trisēt, OCS tręsǫ, Skr. त्रसति (trasati), Russ. трясти (trjasti)

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
tresend* dat pa To be(come) shocked, receive trauma. Violence
tresos* rel ess Shocked, traumatized. Violence
tresod* dat ac To shock, traumatize.
(adj) Shocking, traumatic.
tresemp* abl ac To remove shock, detraumatize. Violence
tresor* gen act Shocking, traumatic. Violence

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